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There are several ways to support us at Bright Park

There are several ways to support us at Bright Park.

Volunteers: We have a growing team of dedicated volunteers who join us in general landscape maintenance and improving the habitat. Some help with opening-up the park for visitors and users while others help with running fundraising activities. We are always looking to expand our volunteer team to support all aspects of the park including marketing, administration, social media.

Partners: Our partners include organisations that provide us with in-kind contributions of their expertise and time to deliver our programmes and activities. Some of our partners help with promoting what we do on social media and other ways. Others act as referees for our grant applications when needed.

Funders: Developing the park over the next 10 years is going to require both capital and revenue funding. This will need having income generated from fundraising activities, Trusts and Foundations. We will need businesses and major donors to support us.

Representation: We are developing a Stakeholder Group from representatives of the various organisations that support us. This group would report regularly to the Bright Park Management Committee.

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