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About Bright Park

Bright Park is a historic Trust, a registered charity with a wonderful asset of a 6-acre woodland park in Knotty Ash Liverpool . Reregistered in 2011, our objects include providing services, facilities, activities and events for children, young people and others in neighbouring communities.

Using our parkland, we want to promote education and skills especially in the field of arts, heritage and the environment to people in our local communities and beyond. The Trust also provides small grants to young people or others who have at any time attended special educational schools in Liverpool.

Building on its heritage as once a manor house renowned for its beautiful gardens, abandoned since 1998, and landscape fallen into serious disrepair, the trust has set about restoring the parkland to serve our communities. We want to

  • restore the Park to its beauty, improve the habitat and biodiversity
  • provide facilities for recreation and leisure for communities to enjoy and improve their wellbeing
  • develop programmes on the parkland that educate children and young people to better look after the environment
  • organise and host events and activities in the park for our communities for their enjoyment and education
  • build a team of friends to take on some of the responsibility of maintaining the landscape and running some park activities

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